Touring jacket for all occasions and against all occurring weather conditions on your trip


The STOCK+STEIN® WEAR WINDMASTER is the perfect allround-wind-and-weather protection for your dog. Designed as a touring-jacket it covers a large range of unpredictable weather conditions on long trips, specially the windchill-effect. 

The contour of the STOCK+STEIN® WEAR WINDMASTER clings to the dog‘s body and provides a comfortable fit due to 16% stretch in the material. The ergonomic-cut leg holes give your dog freedom of movement and protection in conjunction with the belly pad, which protects the sensitive underbelly from moisture and dirt. The 3-layered waterproof material has an inner soft fleece layer and protects against cold and windchill-effect. Please note that the seams cannot be taped, due to the fleece and are therefore waterresistent.

The WINDMASTER moulds gently over the dog‘s croup and retains its position even during extreme movement and thanks to its special cut, the sensitive loin and croup areas are guarded against becoming chilled during movement.

The extended collar even protects long-haired dogs from dirt. To prevent injury by hanging, snagging etc., the adjustable collar has neither lugs nor loops. The individual settings can be adjusted by a robust slider so that both sides can be set with a single handle, thus ensuring optimal protection against dirt and moisture. 

The WINDMASTER is closed with a waterproof YKK® zipper on the back and individual adjustment of the waist by two slides. The use of hooks and loops has been avoided. Reflective edging on your STOCK+STEIN® WEAR WINDMASTER ensures visibility in the dark.

Key Benefits

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  • 100% windproof
  • Optimal breathable – RET up to 0,5
  • Excellent tensile strengh 950N (K) / 450N (S)
  • Protects from hypothermia and windchill-effect
  • High-Tech 3-layer-laminat
  • Warming fleece-layer inside
  • Waterproof YKK zipper


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  • Machine-washable 40°C
  • 16% Elastan
  • Ergonomic cut
  • Optimized fit even in movement
  • Adjustable collar, free of loops
  • Highly reflecting edging
  • Oeko-Tex®-Standard 100
  • Made in Europe


Product Features

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  • SympaTex® WINDMASTER (inside soft fleece)
  • optimized croup fit
  • highly reflective edging
  • waterproof YKK® zipper
  • ergonomic cut for leg hole


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  • lengthened collar protects against dirt and wetness
  • collar adjustable
  • no hooks or loops to avoid snagging
  • broad and custom fit belly guard











The SympaTex® product line Performance offers premier functional membranes for fun-, active- and high-performance sports, strictly regarding ecological requirements.

PrimaLoft® One is the world leading synthetic insulation showing a matchless performance regarding all outdoor requirements – whether wet or dry.

Watertight WetStop® closure systems keep water from penetrating textile laminates that have not been pre-punched by sealing the holes made during the attaching process.