Focus on Technology and Performance

With much consideration for ecological aspects Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and bluesign® certified


Highest Performance & maximum Ecology 

For its collection STOCK+STEIN® WEAR only uses materials of world leading and established manufacturers like SympaTex® and PrimaLoft®. The STOCK+STEIN® WEAR System provides you a well-thought-out and optimally adapted rain- and outdoor-jacket for highest demand and performance. Made in Europe, all products are well tolerated for the environment and people and thereby deliver the best performance in the field of sustainability.

The outer layer of outdoor wear has a demanding task:On the one hand it must be optimal breathable whilst, at the same time, it must protect from wet and cold from the outside. SympaTex® concentrates fully on this layer. With top performance and maximum protection, comfort and perfect functionality together with ecological responsibility.

The compact hydrophilic membrane is optimal breathable but at the same time durably waterproof. Due to the poreless system the material is easy to take care of, it is insensitive to dirt and detergent residue and keeps its function even after multiple washings.

SympaTex® also manages to combine ecology and high-tech. The membrane is 100% recyclable – like a PET bottle – but it is free of PTFE and PFC and certified as non-toxic textile product.


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  • 100% waterproof (>20.000mm)
  • Optimal breathable
  • 100% windproof
  • Dynamic climate control
  • Extremely hard-wearing



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  • 100% recyclable membrane
  • Perfectly safe polyether/ester
  • PTEE free
  • Bluesign® approved (membrane, laminate, tapes)
  • Oeko-Tex® standard 100 certified
  • flourcarbon-free treatments
  • PFC-free SympaTex® products
  • 100% recycled shells/backings


PrimaLoft® is the most advanced insulation material that is currently available on the market and is made of very thin polyester microfibers that mimic the structure of downs. PrimaLoft® offers superior performance and protection for high-quality, cold-weather and all-season clothes and for accessories, footwear, bedding and pet clothing. PrimaLoft® is incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable, highly compressible and has excellent water repellency. Even under extreme or changing weather conditions it remains comfortably dry and warm.

To this day, the PrimaLoft® range includes a series of advanced products that offer the highest standards of insulation materials. We, STOCK+STEIN® WEAR rely on PrimaLoft® GOLD for our products, which provides all the general advantages of PrimaLoft®. In addition, PrimaLoft® GOLD absorbs three times less water, is in a dry state by 14% and 24% warmer when wet than other synthetic insulation materials.


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  • Very light and soft
  • Has excellent water repellent properties
  • Is warm and cozy even when wet
  • Dries quickly (much faster than down)
  • Long service life, abrasion resistance
  • Compressible and small packing
  • Breathable and windproof
  • Very easy to clean – technical quality retained even with machine washing and tumble drying



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  • Flourcarbon-free treatments
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified and bluesign®
  • Fast Drying
  • Wind Resistant
  • Breathable
  • NEW Convexion TechnologyTM Fibers
  • Compressible
  • Thermally Efficient


As for the production of PrimaLoft® no chemicals are used (the synthetic raw materials are processed thermally and mechanically). PrimaLoft® is both safe manufacture and use and is therefore certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and bluesign®.

The bluesign® certification ensures brands, retailers and consumers that certified products are well tolerated for the environment and people and thereby deliver the best performance. This certification demonstrates once more the use of PrimaLoft® in the field of sustainability. A commitment which has characterized the company‘s philosophy since its founding. The bluesign® standard is one of the world‘s most respected environmental certifications that each product component, ranging from raw materials and chemical components to the consumption of natural resources and health standards in the workplace examined to eliminate the use of potentially harmful substances in the textile industry, without thereby compromising the functionality, quality or design of products.

The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is available since 1992 for textile confidence and textile products signaled proper health of all kinds to interested end users the Oeko-Tex® label the additional benefits of tested safety for skin-friendly clothing and other textile products.

Confidence in textiles – an international synonym for responsible textile production – from raw material to finished product on the shelves. For industry and commerce along the textile chain, as well as for users of fashionable, functional and colorful textiles – and PrimaLoft® is a must for the production of high quality insulation materials.

Watertight WetStop® closure systems keep water from penetrating textile laminates that have not been pre-punched.

Combination press buttons are rendered watertight by sealing the holes made during the attaching process – at the rivet’s cap and shaft – using elements that are made of plastic and interface with the laminate.

To effect this, the backing material is drawn into and pressed in place in the rivet hole during the attaching process.

Watertight WetStop® closure systems

Using a watertight WetStop® closure system is essential to manufacturing waterproof clothing (incorporating a semi-permeable membrane). Standard snap designs are not adequate since the water can migrate (by capillary action) from the outside to the inside of the garment at the closures. To ensure that no water can enter a hem, with the associated hazard of rotting, watertight closure systems will have to be used, without fail, at the inner flap (with its direct connection to the inside of the garment) and at the outer flap of a jacket closure.

YKK has worked with the customers who use high-tech textiles to develop a comprehensive range of systems. All the WetStop® products exceed the specifications set forth by garment manufacturers and are protected by international patents.

The WetStop® closure systems can be employed for all the laminates and membranes normally found in the trade and for every arrangement of materials and fabrics.


Features like waterproofness, breathability, windproofness and tear-strength are the main criteria for choosing high quality outdoor clothing. But how can those values be interpreted and what exactly do they state?


The waterproofness is measured on the basis of the water column under the pressure of which the material starts to allow water through it. If the water enters with a column high of 3 meters the waterproofness is declared 3.000mm.

Breathability & RET

The RET value (resistance to evaporating heat transfer) is used as a value to measure breathability. This is the resistance that a material has to water vapour. The more your body sweats, the more moisture the membrane can transport outwards.


The wind removes the warming layer of air from around the body. The perceived temperature is lower than the actual temperature – called wind chill effect. The SympaTex® membrane is 100% windproof, pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9237 and prevents any drop in performance. 

Tear Strength

STOCK+STEIN® WEAR dog gear equals the quality standards which is found in high quality outdoor wear for humans. One criteria is the high tear and tensile strength our models provide. Rainmaster and Wintermaster on top are equipped with extra rip-stop-technic.