Technology Features

Technology Features


The waterproofness is measured on the basis of the water column under the pressure of which the material starts to allow water through it. If the water enters with a column high of 3 meters the waterproofness is declared 3.000mm.

According to DIN-Norm a material with 1.300mm is claimed as waterproof but as proven by EMPA in a testing of functional jackets a material is only really waterproof starting at 4.000mm. SympaTex® Performance which is used for STOCK+STEIN® WEAR is beyond those results, with a water column of more than 20.000 our jackets are declared extremely waterproof.


How to measure breathability 
The RET value (resistance to evaporating heat transfer) is used as a value to measure breathability. This is the resistance that a material has to water vapour. The more your body sweats, the more moisture the membrane can transport outwards.

The effectiveness of „Smart Dynamic Membrane Technology“ therefore increases dynamically and on the basis of need. A RET value of less than 6 is described as very good breathability.

RET 0 bis 6 = Very good water vapor permeability (extreme breathability)
RET 6 bis 13 = Good water vapor permeability (high breathability)
RET 13 bis 20 = Satisfactorily water vapour permeability (breathable)

Due to SympaTex® membrane STOCK+STEIN® WEAR achieves absolutely top values with RET values of up to 0.5.


Why a good jacket has to be windproof 
The wind removes the warming layer of air from around the body. The perceived temperature is lower than the actual temperature – called wind chill effect. The SympaTex® membrane is 100% windproof, pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9237 and prevents any drop in performance. This functional property of our STOCK+STEIN® WEAR is important to avoid the wind chill effect, the subjective feeling of feeling cold in the wind.

Tear Strength

Tear strength and tensile strength as a criteria 
STOCK+STEIN® WEAR dog gear equals the quality standards which is found in high quality outdoor wear for humans. One criteria is the high tear and tensile strength our models provide. Rainmaster and Wintermaster on top are equipped with extra rip-stop-technic. Extremely sharp items such as barbed wire can damage a jacket. Rip-stop prevents the propagation of the tear especially when moving.

Tensile strength describes the power (in Newton) needed to rip the material apart and tear strength the force (also in Newton) needed to propagate the tear. With more than 800 Newton tensile strength and 20 Newton tear strength STOCK+STEIN® WEAR belongs into the highest quality category used for the SympaTex® Performance standards.