About Us

It has long since become the norm to expect high quality outdoor clothing for hikers and campers. Companies who used to exclusively supply mountain climbers and extreme sports, offer these days a great variety of fashionable and highly functional clothing to meet all expectations and applications.

When it came to dogs, this development was lagging behind. Whilst the quantity of dog jackets increased steadily, functionality and quality of the materials seemed to be of little concern. BIGDOG24 supplies dog clothing of approved long-lasting outdoor quality, catering also for the visual appeal and ergonomic design. This has been the clear aim for all of us at BIGDOG24 for the last decade. We are proud to present our own label in dog clothing, STOCK+STEIN® WEAR.

Together with a manufacturer for outdoor sports wear, who also produces the equipment for the national teams for various winter sports, we designed and developed a dog coat collection which matches the quality and meets the requirements, of the leading textile manufacturers in the extreme sports industry.

Quality Standards

All jackets are manufactured in Europe, using most advanced high-tech materials such as SympaTex® Performance and PrimaLoft® Gold, with much consideration for ecological aspects. Much thought was given to all of the designs in this collection, as well as to the quality and functionality of the garments. These jackets are made to withstand the widest range of weather conditions, some can even be combined.

Dog jackets supplied by STOCK+STEIN® WEAR combine optimal breathability, windresistance and have a watercolumn of more than 20.000 mm. Their materials are also extremely tear and rip resistant. (Please consult the catalogue, the various models and individual descriptions).

Even after strenuous use and frequent washing, the pore-less membrane retains all of its functionality. STOCK+STEIN® only uses hypoallergenic materials which are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and bluesign® certified. Apart from the classic line of the STOCK+STEIN® collection, we also offer seasonal patterns and colours in a Special Edition. Due to these high quality standards we have attained a unique position in this market, which we constantly strive to expand.

Facts & Features about Dog Garments

For the longest time, clothing items for dogs were considered to be pointless fashion accessories. These days, dog garments are recognized as a necessity for responsible dog ownership. Many breeds have lost the thermal function of their own coats due to breeding and domestication. This applies to both long- and short-coated breeds, who have lost their insulating undercoat to some degree, as well as dogs who were bred to live in quite different climates and hence are not equipped to cope with our weather.

Dogs lose body temperature rather quickly because of this, and get drenched more quickly during wet weather. When it is cold, wind and rain can quickly cause all the symptoms of a bad cold, such as bacterial infections, bladder infections, tonsillitis and worse illnesses, much the same as in humans.

The risk is even greater during autumn and winter, when there is a marked difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. In principle the argument that a healthy dog will build up and maintain his body temperature during a brisk walk, is quite correct. Except that many dogs are walked on lead and they are therefore not active enough to maintain the required body temperature. Small dogs‘ bodies are low to the ground and because of that they can catch the cold of the ground temperature far quicker. The ground is always 2 – 3 degrees colder than the air temperature. The cold therefore reaches their sensitive stomach area and the vital organs particularly fast. Older and weakened dogs usually move less and more slowly, due to age-related aches and pains in bones and muscles, as well as arthrosis. They too are at a higher risk of catching a chill. Muscle strains and injuries in dogs due to the cold temperatures also happen quite frequently. Just like a sportsman keeps himself warm after training to prevent fast chilling, this should also be avoided with dogs after vigorous, strenuous exercise.

The use of Dog Coats is sensible if…

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  • … your dog has physical limitations and can therefore move less than normal.
  • … your dogs‘ ability to move is limited due to age, ill-health, such as problems with their bones, their spine, kidneys or bladder.
  • … your puppy was born in autumn.
  • … your dog is small or your dog’s body is low to the ground.
  • … your dog has very little or no undercoat, or its thermal functionality is limited.
  • … your dog’s coat is suitable for warmer climates.
  • … your dog is mostly walked on lead and can therefore not maintain/regulate its body temperature.
  • … your dog takes part in dog sports and needs to be keptwarm during and after training.
  • … you have to leave your dog inside a cold car frequently.