Will keep you warm under your Rainmaster


High-tech Step Vest for additional warmth – for buttoning into RAINMASTER.

With a few simple steps the button-in step vest STOCK+STEIN® WEAR COLDMASTER turns your RAINMASTER into the 4-SEASONS-MASTER, keeping your dog warm in the severe cold.

The antistatic vest, STOCK+STEIN® WEAR COLDMASTER, fits perfectly, thanks to PrimaLoft® Gold insulation under the RAINMASTER, without being woolly or bulky. PrimaLoft® Gold is warmer, wet or dry, than any other synthetic insulation. It is as warm, soft and compressible as down, but dries faster. Of course PrimaLoft® Gold is breathable and water resistant. Maximum support and protection against a breakout of the fibers and for a close fit provides the soft, skin-friendly F.O.V. active outdoor sports material. 

COLDMASTER was developed as a warming extension module for turning your RAINMASTER into a winterjacket. It can be worn by itself, for example, when the dog is sitting in a cold car, however, it was not designed to be worn alone during outdoor activities. 

The COLDMASTER can be worn over a harness – accessed through a hole in the vest, or it can be worn separately by using the supplied closure strap. 

Environmental sustainability is also a major priority for PrimaLoft®. Therefore they are OekoTex® standard 100 and bluesign® certified.

Key Benefits

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  • As warm, soft and compressible as down – but dries faster!
  • Keeps warm even when wet
  • Extremely lightweight, breathable and windresistant
  • Superior water resistance


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  • Excellent thermal efficiency
  • Internationally leading synthetic insulation
  • Maschine-washable & suitable for dryer
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and bluesign® certified


Product Features

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  • insulation Material PrimaLoft® GOLD / Upper F.O.V. High Tech Micro (water-repellent / breathable / antistatic)
  • dynamic, small stitch pattern, keeps insulation in its place


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  • extra closing strip if used without RAINMASTER
  • YKK® waterproof buttons
  • opening for leash


Customisation Options

Cord Stopper

The collar of the Rainmaster, Wintermaster and of the Windmaster (here also the waist) can be individually adjusted. The ends of the elastic cords are cased in a plastic cap. If the cord is too long for the dog it can be cut to the preferred length. The cap can be opened with a letter opener or similar tool and clicked back at the end of the cord.

Conversion Kit

Please take the Rainmaster / Wintermaster to a tailor for the conversion of velcro on clip closure.

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  • Unplug the „2“ marked velcro straps and thread from one side of the clip.
  • The other side of the clip is sewn to the strap of webbing supplied to the D-ring „1“.


Harness Opening

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  • Turn the jacket inside out so that you can see the logo on the back (tri-fold).
  • You see a tripartite joint – outside each double seamed.
  • Carefully disconnect the central part of the simple seam as shown on the figure marked.
  • Please note that despite the tri-fold possibly rain/moisture could penetrate through the opening.









The SympaTex® product line Performance offers premier functional membranes for fun-, active- and high-performance sports, strictly regarding ecological requirements.

PrimaLoft® One is the world leading synthetic insulation showing a matchless performance regarding all outdoor requirements – whether wet or dry.

Watertight WetStop® closure systems keep water from penetrating textile laminates that have not been pre-punched by sealing the holes made during the attaching process.